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    Beretta: The Company

    Not to be confused with BARRETT, the oldest firearms maker in the world, Beretta has built weapons that have been used in every war fought in Europe since the 1500s. And while today the company is most well known for its military firearms such as the Beretta 92FS, the truth is that the company’s history […] More

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    PewDiePie is an internet celebrity known for many things.  He has a YouTube channel, and is a gamer, philanthropist, and a comedian, among other things. He is also known for his Let’s Play videos.  He has such a wide following that when he plays games, he boosts their sales.  PewDiePie has had such success as an online personality […] More

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    Summit1G | The Ins & the Outs

    Summit1g is one of the most followed and most streamed personalities to ever go live on Twitch. He gained his popularity by streaming content on Twitch while also being a professional E-Sports gamer for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  In 2018, summit1g was the most subscribed channel on Twitch and currently has a multi-year contract with the platform.   […] More

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    Desert Eagle Review

    One of the most recognizable pistols of all time, the Desert Eagle has featured prominently in movies, shows, and video games as a big bore semi-automatic pistol capable of bringing down nearly anything. Indeed, over five hundred motion pictures have featured the Desert Eagle as a sidearm of either heroic or villainous characters alike, including […] More

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    Remington 700 | Everything to Know

    Today we’re going to talk about one of the most successful bolt action rifles in history, the Remington 700. The 700 and its many variants are among the bestselling bolt action rifles ever made and have been since its initial release in 1962. The history of the Remington 700 began with the Remington 721 and […] More

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    SIG MPX vs. MCX | What’s the Difference?

    The SIG Sauer MPX or the SIG Sauer MCX? Which one should you get? While the two weapons do share the same gas piston system, they are still two completely different platforms. But both are excellent firearms with good quality, as has come to be expected by SIG Sauer. Both are also in great demand, […] More

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    Demolition Ranch

    Demolition Ranch is the YouTube Channel and persona of Dr. Matt Carriker.  Matt is an online personality as well as a professional veterinarian who owns his own practice and runs a non-profit organization.  He is the founder of three YouTube channels, and has a wife and three children.  He has also joined GoatGuns team and done several […] More

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    M1 Carbine

    One of the most iconic weapons of World War II, the M1 Carbine is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine that has seen service with militaries and civilians alike in the decades since then. Chambered for the .30 carbine caliber, which offers ballistics very similar to the .357 Magnum, the M1 .30 Carbine is, contrary to what […] More

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    Alex Zedra

    We are a little biased to Alex as she is an avid fan and collaborator with Goatguns, check out some of her posts on her IG. Since her online appearance in 2012, Alex Zedra has made a name for herself through popularity on Instagram, Twitch, FPS gaming, and being a First Phorm Elite Athlete.  Her followers […] More

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    Andy Milonakis

    A jack of all trades?

    Andy Milonakis is a comedian, actor, rapper, writer, and streamer.  From 2005-2007 he had his own sketch comedy show called The Andy Milonakis Showon MTV, for which he is best known for.  He has also released a mixtape, an EP, and is a member of a comedy hip hop group called “Three Loco.” Milonakis has made a name […] More

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    The Best Ruger Handguns of all Time

    Which one pew pews the best?

    Ruger is one of the most prolific American gun manufacturers on the market, and with good reason. Their guns are almost universally known for their high quality, durable build, and robust quality.  That’s also not to mention that they offer a wide variety of different kinds of handguns as well, from .22 pistols to semi-automatic […] More

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    Greatest Defeats in War of all Time

    In war, there are always the victors and losers. But sometimes, it’s also the victors of the war who suffer major defeat in a battle before attaining final victory (as happened to the US at Pearl Harbor). Here are the greatest defeats in war of all time, ranked by you: More

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