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Summit1g is one of the most followed and most streamed personalities to ever go live on Twitch. He gained his popularity by streaming content on Twitch while also being a professional E-Sports gamer for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  In 2018, summit1g was the most subscribed channel on Twitch and currently has a multi-year contract with the platform.  

Early Life

Summit1g was born Jaryd Russell Lazar on April 23rd, 1987.  He was born in Orange County, California, and grew up with a younger brother. Lazar does not like to share very much about his personal life, so not much information is known about his family or what his life was like growing up. Now, Lazar lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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Lazar was first introduced to his game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, at a local card shop in his hometown.  The shop provided a few Counter Strike: Global Offensive setups to its customers that were available to play.  He quickly found a strong passion for the game, and focused much of his attention on it. In high school, he would draw the Counter Strike map on his papers and plan strategies for his team.  He and his friends would then transfer their developed strategies over to the real game later in the day. His love for the game was developed early on and stuck with him as he got older. 


Lazar created his Summit1g channel on Twitch for fun, not for making money.  He simply wanted to share his gaming with his friends and other fellow gamers.  He did not focus a lot of attention on his channel in the beginning, as it was just a hobby at the time. He had a full time job for Time Warner Cable as a customer service team member. In 2012, Lazar began to take his time on Twitch more seriously, and dedicated his full time to his channel and creating content. 

In 2013, Lazar created his YouTube channel as well, where he streamed his live game play.  He typically posted videos of Infestation: Survivor Stories.  At around the same time, Lazar also began competing at a professional level in different types of Counter Strike: Global Offensive events.  


As previously mentioned, Lazar decided to dedicate his full time and attention to his Twitch channel. At first, he was not an overly popular gamer, as he was only recording and posting videos for fun. However, after a few years of professional gaming, Lazar made a name for himself and acquired more subscribers along the way.

My Competitive Side Might Come Out"- Summit1g On Professional Valorant -  EssentiallySports

As previously mentioned, Lazar decided to dedicate his full time and attention to his Twitch channel. At first, he was not an overly popular gamer, as he was only recording and posting videos for fun. However, after a few years of professional gaming, Lazar made a name for himself and acquired more subscribers along the way.

Lazar’s Twitch account consists of live game play for multiple different games.  He first began, and rose to popularity, with his Counter Strike: Global Offensive game play videos.  This was the game that he played professionally, so fans and followers watched his videos in awe of his natural and skillful talents.  As he became more well-known, he began to stream some other games as well.  Currently, Summit1g’s content consists of streaming a variety of games, including WarZ,Escape from TarkovGrand Theft Auto VSea of ThievesValorant, and DayZ

In 2017, Lazar passed Syndicate in his number of subscribers.  In 2018, he became the most followed channel on Twitch, surpassing the previous holder of the record, Riot Games. In November of 2020, Lazar had the privilege of signing a multi-year contract with the platform.  During the time that the contract was signed, he had over 5.3 million subscribers and was ranked as the eight most followed streamer on Twitch. 

Professional Gaming

In 2015, Lazar decided to take his popularity as a streamer and use it to become a professional gamer. He took things to the next level by becoming a Counter Strike: Global Offensive pro. In the beginning, jumped around between a few teams.  He played alongside teams such as Torqued and Area 51 Gaming, to name a few.  In 2016, he made the decision to join Splyce, an ESports organization with a European League of Legends team.

One of his most notable and memorable gaming moments happened when he was a part of team Splyce. This moment happened during his game play at the DreamHack Austin in 2016. Lazar nearly clutched a round against CLG before ending up dying from his own Molotov.  Even now, years later, this is regarded as one of the most classic and memorable ESports gaming moments, and definitely a defining moment in the life of Summit1g. 

In 2017, Lazar decided to make the switch to yet another team.  His Twitch channel was beginning to explode in popularity, largely due to his professional success.  Lazar joined team Mythic, a Counter Strike: Global Offensive team that was made up of popular streamers. It was after his time with this team that he decided to stop playing professionally and focus completely on his streaming platform on Twitch. This proved to be a good decision, as within a few years, he signed a multi-year contract with the platform. 

Social Media Presence

Once he grew in popularity, Lazar decided to open up his influence to all different kinds of social media.  In addition to Twitch, he also has his own YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and ESEA page. Twitch is his most popular platform, as he has over five million subscribers currently.  On YouTube, Lazar has 669,000 subscribers, and each of his videos are viewed thousands of times. Most of his content on Twitch and YouTube is the same or similar, however YouTube is just recordings of his live content from Twitch. 

Summit1g’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are not as well kept as his other online profiles.  He recognizes the importance of having a presence on both of these platforms, but does not participate much on them.  The last post that was made on his Facebook account was from 2018, and his Instagram has less than 30 posts since its conception. 

Net Worth

Though the exact number is not known, it is believed that Jaryd Lazar’s net worth is around $1.5 million. Lazar makes money in a few different ways.  Most of his revenue comes from ads that are played during his Twitch and YouTube videos.  He also makes money from partnering with some companies and mentioning their products on the air.  He has partnerships with Monster Energy and Audio Technica, to name a few.  He also has created a line of merchandise that fans can purchase.  


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