Demolition Ranch

Demolition Ranch is the YouTube Channel and persona of Dr. Matt Carriker.  Matt is an online personality as well as a professional veterinarian who owns his own practice and runs a non-profit organization.  He is the founder of three YouTube channels, and has a wife and three children. 

He has also joined GoatGuns team and done several funny skits on Instagram. Check out him baking some Goatguns or his water trick.

Early Life

Matt Carriker was born Matthew Lee Carriker on October 23rd, 1986.  He was raised in Boerne, Texas with his brother, Mark and Andrew, and sister, Ali.  Matt’s father, Dr. Lee Carriker, was also a veterinarian that has since retired.  He inspired Matt to be a veterinarian as well. 

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In 2008, Matt began his undergraduate studies in 2008, and in 2012, he graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science with his veterinary license.  He then began practicing in his father’s veterinary clinic, Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic.


Matt currently lives with his family in the town where his veterinary clinic resides, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.  He has a wife, Meredith Carriker, who is also somewhat of an online celebrity. Meredith is a social media influencer and also owns a fashion company called “The Linc.”  Her presence is mostly on Instagram, where she posts photos of her daily life, her family, and clothing and accessories from her brand. Matt and Meredith met in college and were married in 2009.  They currently have three children, two girls and one boy. They also have a large dog named Demo. 


Matt’s online presence as Demolition Ranch began in 2011 before he graduated with his veterinary license.  He quickly grew in popularity over a few years.  In 2012, he began work at Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic with his father. When his father was ready to retire, he purchased the vet clinic with his sister-in-law.  They are currently co-owners of the Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic.  While Matt loves helping animals, he no longer sees animals at his vet clinic.  The other vets in the practice focus on the care of animals.  He focuses most of his professional attention on his Demolition Ranch channel, Bunker Branding Co and his non-profit, Vet Ranch. 

Demolition Ranch

Demolition Ranch is a YouTube Channel that claims it is “dedicated to making you smile with guns.” Demolition Ranch was created January 3rd, 2011 and has since grown to have over nine million subscribers. The YouTube channel features Matt shooting things to test their strength and durability, and to test the power of his different guns as well.

How Far Is a Shotgun Deadly? - YouTube

He loves to experiment with how to destroy things, and this is what tends to draw in viewers.  He also has a feature section called “Microwave Monday” where he puts different objects in the microwave to see what happens.  Matt calls his fan base and followers the “Demolitia,” a combination of the words “Demolition” and “Militia.”  The Demolitia continues to grow daily as more and more people discover the entertaining videos that Matt and his friends post. 

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch is another YouTube Channel created by Matt Carriker.  This channel was created in 2014 with the purpose of spreading awareness to the massive amount of homeless animals that are in need of medical attention. Behind the channel is a non-profit organization that aims to help rehabilitate abused, abandoned, and homeless animals so that they can eventually be adopted by loving families. The goal of this non-profit is to decrease the number of animals that need to be euthanized due to conditions that can be treated or cured with proper veterinary attention. 

The Vet Ranch YouTube Channel is filled with uplifting stories of animals that have been saved and adopted.  Most of the videos come from the animals that Vet Ranch has saved, but there is also a place for other veterinarians to post their own stories and videos.  The videos on this channel can be hard to watch, but do a great job to raise awareness about all the homeless animals that need help. Vet Ranch the non-profit also takes donations.  Donations go to vaccines, spaying/neutering, emergency care, and adoption and fostering costs. 

Bunker Branding Co

Bunker Branding Co was created recently by Matt Carriker with the purpose of selling merchandise. The company partners with other social media influencers and online celebrities who wish to have merchandise of their own.  These people can design and create high quality merchandise through Bunker Branding Co and sell through the website.  While Bunker Branding Co originally started as a website and printing site, it has since expanded.  Now, Bunker Branding Co has a larger space that was built custom for the company. Merchandise can be printed on site, and there is also a storefront where people can come and shop for their favorite merchandise as well. 

Off The Ranch

Matt Carriker is also the creator of one more YouTube Channel called Off The Ranch. Off The Ranch is a more personal channel that focuses on Matt’s daily life with his family. It also features videos of projects that he is working on.  For example, Matt and his wife have recently purchased an abandoned mansion that they stumbled upon.  They are slowly completing a renovation of the mansion and sharing their progress on the Off The Ranch YouTube Channel.  This channel currently has almost four million subscribers. 

Social Media Presence

In addition to his YouTube Channels, Matt Carriker and Demolition Ranch have other social media accounts as well. On the Demolition Ranch Facebook page, Matt posts many of the videos that he posts on his YouTube channel.  On Facebook, Demolition Ranch has over 500,000 likes and over 650,000 follows. He also has an Instagram account, @drdemolitionmatt. On his Instagram account, Matt posts more of a mix of demolition and personal videos.  He posts similar content to his Demolition Ranch channel, but also posts photos of his children and his daily life. 


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