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We are a little biased to Alex as she is an avid fan and collaborator with Goatguns, check out some of her posts on her IG. Since her online appearance in 2012, Alex Zedra has made a name for herself through popularity on Instagram, Twitch, FPS gaming, and being a First Phorm Elite Athlete.  Her followers and fan base feel connected to her because she shares information about gaming, her lifestyle, diet, and workout.

Early Life

Alex Zedra was born Alex Rogers on November 3rd, 1991 in South Carolina.  She has a younger brother, Seth Rogers, and comes from a happy and supportive family.  Alex first started to get the attention of the internet when she began to post her modeling photos in 2012.

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She posted photos of her modeling on Instagram and quickly gained popularity.  From there, she expanded her fan base by posting gaming videos and combat training images on her Instagram in addition to her traditional modeling photos. Alex Rogers changed her name to Alex Zedra after she entered the gaming world.  Her new name comes from her favorite game, World of Warcraft. 

Rise to Popularity

At the young age of 28, Alex Zedra has a long list of accomplishments to her name.  From a humble beginning as a model, Alex began to show interest in the gaming world.  On her Twitch platform, she posts live gaming videos from her World of Warcraft and Call of Duty game play to her 360K followers. She is still known as one of the best gamers in the battle royale genre. She also has live video time where she is available to just chat with her fans.


Alex Zedra has a wide array of talents and accomplishments. In addition to being an Instagram model and popular gamer, she is also a professional athlete.  Alex Zedra is a 2A gunslinger and one of the best and most highly ranked sharpshooters in the United States. She hones her skills frequently with combat training and shares her experiences frequently with her followers. 

Pin on Awesome Woman: Alex Zedra

Additionally, she is a 1stPhorm Pro Athlete.  Obtaining this title is not easy and very coveted among athletes and trainers.  With this title and the resources of 1stPhorm, Zedra has been able to help and influence countless people around the world with their health and wellness journeys.  On social media, you can see Alex using her influence as a fitness coach.  She also shares a lot of information about her lifestyle, her own fitness journey, and her diet. Since her popularity in the fitness community, she has also partnered with some companies that make protein powders and energy drinks.  She sporadically makes sponsored posts featuring the products that she is paid to support.

With a surprising contrast to her other talents, Zedra is also a talented pastry chef.  She is professionally trained as a pastry chef, and has posted pictures of her beautiful creations on her social media account in the past.  Baking was one of her first talents and earliest focuses, so we don’t see as much about it anymore as she has transitioned into the gaming and modeling world more now. 

Social Media

Zedra is a very prevalent figure in social media.  On Instagram, she can be found @alex_zedra.  This is her most frequently used social media platform.  On her Instagram page, you can find pictures and videos of her daily life, in addition to some sponsored posts. She shares personal images, like those of her and her fiancé, but these are not as frequent as she prefers to keep her personal life as private as possible. Her social media accounts are mostly dedicated to posting modeling photos, advertisements for her sponsored products, or pictures from her gaming experiences or cosplay endeavors. 

In addition to a prominent profile on Instagram, Alex Zedra also has a popular Twitter profile as well. Her Twitter handle is also @alex_zedra. On her account, she posts much of the same as her Instagram, although she does tend to have more personal anecdotes. For example, she recently posted to her Twitter followers a picture of her decorated Christmas tree.  This photo did not appear on Instagram.

Alex also has a Facebook page that she maintains.  Her Facebook page is the least popular of her social media accounts, with 223,453 likes. She does not post as frequently on her Facebook page, although the content that she posts is similar to her content on Instagram. Alex’s fans like to comment and interact with her on her Facebook account, and she responds frequently to posts that people make. 

Lastly, Alex Zedra has her own YouTube Channel as well. Her channel has 676K subscribers that are fans that like to watch her videos.  The videos that she posts on her YouTube channel are mostly centered around gaming and shooting.  She posts videos from live game play when she plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, World of Warcraft, or a few other popular games. Additionally, she posts videos of her combat training or airsoft sessions.

We love Alex and are having a little fun continually working with her on GoatGun videos and projects. What’s her favorite GoatGun? The basic miniature AR15.


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