Meet Sgt. Gunner

He is one ole Goat. His favorite people in life (other than those that feed him) are those who have fought for our freedom.

Sgt. Gunner is the brains behind the Miniature gun replicas sold at He loves to game and thought they would be good way to bring to life some of your favorite guns in a handheld non-shooting form.

Founded in 2017, the first 3 types of minis set out to find their new owners. Now there are over 10 unique models and 20 unique designs. Gun lovers, Marines, Gamers and people who admire guns but don’t have the money to buy real ones all love the minis. They are what die cast model cars are to guns.

To keep the ‘Elite’ (YOU, his fans) happy, we have created this site for your entertainment. We will keep it fresh with dozens of ‘Greatest of’ lists all the while letting the voice of the people be heard in up/down votes, rankings and comments.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or need to contact our USA support line, email us at [email protected]. For other common asked questions visit our FAQ page.


-Sgt. Gunner Out