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    Top 10 Miniature Things to Collect

    Mini life is the way to go!

    With the long winter months looming in our future, what better to do than to pick up a new hobby.  Starting a collection is a great hobby to get into, and can be more time consuming and interesting than you think.  One of the most popular things to collect currently are miniatures.  Below are the […] More

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    Best Safariland Holsters for 1911

    At the time of its creation, no one knew that the M1911 would eventually be one of the most popular weapons systems ever developed.  It has been adopted and used by the military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters for over a century, and will continue to be used for a century more. Because of its […] More

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    Greatest WWII Weapons Collection

    Historical collections with deep meaning artifacts.

    While weapons used during World War II are widely distributed throughout museums and historical buildings around the world, the most extensive collection in one location is at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. As its name suggests, this museum focuses solely on artifacts from the second world war.  The weapons, which are spread […] More

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    Greatest WWII War Artifact Collections

    A rabbit hole you may want to get into…

    World War II is one of the most popular wars for people to study, mostly because it involved so many different countries all over the world. From studying wars of the past, we learn more about our society today and how it came to be.  We learn from the mistakes of those before us so […] More

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    Best Safariland Holsters for Compact Pistols

    Best form fitting and comfort

    Safariland is known for its holsters, body armor, and other useful accessories.  It offers a wide range of products to assist the military, fire/rescue teams, competitive shooters, or just everyday conceal carry civilians.  If you are looking for a holster to conceal your compact pistol, but don’t know where to start, we have got you […] More

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    Sturm, Ruger & Co.

    Sturm, Ruger, & Co., more commonly referred to as Ruger, is an American company that produces and manufactures firearms.  While the company is based in Connecticut, there are also manufacturing sites in New Hampshire, Arizona, and North Carolina. Many gun aficionados are quite familiar with the Ruger name, although they may not be aware of […] More