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    SIG SP2022

    One of the more little known pistols in SIG Sauer’s lineup is the SIG Pro series, and specifically the SP2022. SIG is most well known for their 220 series of pistols (including the 226 and 229) as well as the newer P320, which was accepted as the new U.S. military’s sidearm to replace the Beretta […] More

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    Tfue Biography

    Tfue is a American streamer and ESports player that has 9.6 million followers and lots of controversy surrounding him. He rose to fame quickly for his Fortniteplay and utilizes both Twitch and YouTube to gain popularity. He is well known for his record-setting number of squad eliminations in Fortnite: Battle Royale, with 53 eliminations.  Early Life Tfue […] More

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    Glock 20 Review

    We know, you want a mini version of it.. But this is a review of the real deal. More