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    Beretta: The Company

    Not to be confused with BARRETT, the oldest firearms maker in the world, Beretta has built weapons that have been used in every war fought in Europe since the 1500s. And while today the company is most well known for its military firearms such as the Beretta 92FS, the truth is that the company’s history […] More

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    PewDiePie is an internet celebrity known for many things.  He has a YouTube channel, and is a gamer, philanthropist, and a comedian, among other things. He is also known for his Let’s Play videos.  He has such a wide following that when he plays games, he boosts their sales.  PewDiePie has had such success as an online personality […] More

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    Summit1G | The Ins & the Outs

    Summit1g is one of the most followed and most streamed personalities to ever go live on Twitch. He gained his popularity by streaming content on Twitch while also being a professional E-Sports gamer for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  In 2018, summit1g was the most subscribed channel on Twitch and currently has a multi-year contract with the platform.   […] More

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    Desert Eagle Review

    One of the most recognizable pistols of all time, the Desert Eagle has featured prominently in movies, shows, and video games as a big bore semi-automatic pistol capable of bringing down nearly anything. Indeed, over five hundred motion pictures have featured the Desert Eagle as a sidearm of either heroic or villainous characters alike, including […] More