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    The Greatest World War II Fighter Aircraft of all Time

    The airplane was first invented by the Wright brothers in 1903. Since then, aviation technology has rapidly advanced, with military aircraft playing a vital role in modern warfare. S ome of the greatest aerial battles in history took place during World War II. The United States alone produced more than 300,000 airplanes for the war. […] More

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    Best Aero Precision Products

    They make the things that go PewPew

    If you are an avid shooter, chances are you may not have even heard of the company Aero Precision. However, if you have handled or own an AR, you most likely have come into contact with at least one of their products. What started out as a primarily aeronautic manufacturer, has expanded and added weapons […] More

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    SKS Review | Greatest of All Time?

    Would you like a budget, surplus rifle that’s both versatile and offers a lot of neat history? You may want to check out the SKS in 7.62x39mm. The SKS is a lesser known Soviet Cold War-era rifle, mainly because it was greatly overshadowed by the AK-47 and its subsequent variations. The SKS was originally designed […] More

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    Best Scopes You Can Buy On Optics Planet

    Pew pew, I see you

    Since its founding in 2000, Optics Planet has consistently been a quality place to purchase shooting, hunting, and military gear and equipment. While more can be found at the site than optics, some of the best scopes can be found at Optics Planet. Users are quick to share their opinions of their products, and don’t […] More

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    The Best Magpul Products

    User Ranked

    While the Magpul company has been around for 20 years, it has only gained in popularity in more recent years. Founded by a Force Recon sergeant for the US Marine Corps, the company primarily designs and manufactures gun parts and accessories for the AR-15/M16/M4 family of rifles. M any of these accessories have grown so […] More

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    Best STEYR Rifles of all Time

    From AUS to USA

    While Steyr may not be a household name, it is revered by experienced hunters and shooters. The Steyr company prides itself in creating quality, reliable weapons that shooters can count on. Currently, over 50 militaries all over the world carry Steyr products such as the AUG Assault Rifle. When it comes to weapons, Steyr is […] More

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    The Greatest Half-Life Guns of All Time

    The OG of FPS games…

    The Half-Life series are some of the most influential games of all-time, for both the first-person shooter genre and gaming as a whole. The first Half-Life released in 1999, and the game follows the story of Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist working at the Black Mesa Research facility. One day, during a dangerous experiment, Gordon […] More

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    The Most Powerful Gaming Guns of All Time

    Whether you’re blasting through hordes of enemy aliens in Halo or killing armies of demons in DOOM, shooting games are all about feeling powerful. Any great shooting game has a good arsenal of guns, but only the best weapons stick in our minds for years upon years. As we look back fondly on shooting games […] More

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    Best Bolt Action Rifles of all Time

    Defining the best bolt-action rifle is like laying claim to the best breed of dog. Each has character traits that identify their strengths, abilities, power, and skills. Over time, modifications and developments through battle-tested wear or range-tested accuracy tend to win out. Not only are the following some of the most popular breeds of bolt […] More

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    Best 20 Gauge Shotguns of all Time

    One of the best kept secrets of the firearms world is the 20 gauge pump action or semi-automatic shotgun. The 20 gauge shotgun has always been strongly underestimated in comparison to the more popular and well-known 12 gauge. But the truth is that a 20 gauge is a very effective found for both bird hunting […] More

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