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    Greatest Shotgun of All Time

    pump n pew

    From hunting to shaping wars as the M97 Trench Shotgun did, these BB-blasters have shaped their way into history. I made a list of a variety of shotguns that our world has seen over decades. Go and vote for which should be considered the best shotgun of all time! More

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    G.O.A.T. GoatGun MEMES

    Miniature Meme Madness

    We’ve seen some funny stuff come from our top fans. We want your input for which one ranks top, go and vote for your favorite! Think you’re more creative? Submit yours at bottom of article. More

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    Biggest US Civil War Battle of all Time

    Families & Neighbors in conflict

    In just over the span of four years, the US Civil war proved one of the deadliest engagements ever for the United States. The war escalated quickly with numerous battles and skirmishes, including a few pivotal battles that rallied support, morale, and decisive victories or military significance on both sides. It also was the harbinger […] More