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    HK MP7 Review

    Everything you need to know on the MP

    Need to punch through kevlar body armor in a close quarter combat scenario? H&K is the weapon of choice to do that job. This little gun looks more like a suped-up pistol that was told to grow up a little. This weapon, which can be easily concealed under a trenchcoat or thick jacket, fires the […] More

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    Greatest World War 2 Secret Missions

    Would’ve you dared to do these?

    One of the more little known aspects of World War II was the covert operation that were carried out by both Allied and Axis forces during the war. Many of these operations were truly astonishing, and honestly sound like they belong in a historical thriller film or spy novel than they do in real life. […] More

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    The Best Semi-Automatic Rifles of all Time

    Historic & New, proud to pew-pew.

    If you want to own a centerfire rifle with a faster rate of fire, you need a rifle with semi-automatic capabilities. Unlike bolt action, lever action, or pump action rifles, semi-automatic rifles will fire a bullet with every pull of the trigger (assuming that the round has been chambered first, of course). Semi-Automatic rifles first […] More

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    Greatest Man Cave Products of All Time

    Most important things to have around to impress the dudes…

    No matter who you are, there is always a use for a man-cave in your life. There are times that you just need to get some work done and it seems like everyone has a to-do list for you. Man Cave. Other times, you’re just on the verge of absolutely losing your sh*t. Man Cave. […] More

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    Best Online Multiplayer FPS Games of All Time

    Before there was discord channels, teamwork was hard..

    FPS games have always been a great hotbed for competition, mostly due to their fast pace and precision-based skill. While some of our favorite first-person shooters are narrative-driven, it’s hard to resist a quality online multiplayer mode. Over the last few decades, online competitive gaming has grown from a niche to a major scene, with […] More

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    The Top War Quotes of all Time

    Hard Times evoke great sayings, here are some.

    You’ve probably heard the old saying that ‘war is hell.’ This is one of the most well-known war quotes of all time, but it’s also far from being the only quote about war either. Here are the top war quotes of all time and the meaning behind each one: More

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    The Great Sci-Fi War Movie Battles

    Every geeks dreams… Laser Beams, Explosions

    We’ve previously done an article on the greatest war movie battles. Now it’s time for an article on the greatest sci-fi movie battles. Science fiction is one of the most popular genres when it comes to film. What makes science fiction films so fascinating is the possibility that the technology we see in them may […] More