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    Which Fan Has The G.O.A.T Photo Skills?

    Battle of the Goatgun Fan Photos

    Our miniature toy gun models make for some dang good pictures.  Whether it’s with your pet, stuffed animal or yourself!  We have nearly seen it all at this point. Here’s a batch of some fan photos (you can upload your own at the bottom) and I want you to Rank 50 of our top fans […] More

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    New Attachments for GoatGuns

    VOTE for what the next miniature custom parts should be

    Sgt Gunner here. Listen, I love my customers but holy hell y’all blow up my inbox with suggestions about what we should do next. Well, now you have my full attention! I’ve thrown in some of what I think should come next.  Now I want you to add to the list; vote and comment on […] More

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    On The Hunt For New Goatguns!

    Vote for FUTURE Miniature Goatguns

    You ever sit at your desk and feel like the walls are slowly moving in to crush you? Well when I’m not throwing another gun into my replica machine then I find myself looking for shapes in the texture on the walls. So STOP SENDING ME EMAILS about what you want and put down your […] More